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DYK: Happy Hour, It’s A Thing…

  • DYK: Happy Hour, It’s A Thing…

    Every Monday - Friday, 3pm - 7pm

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Not to brag …but Legacy Hall has 9 bars on premise… NINE! Like, seriously, where else can you find NINE different bars? Each bar has a different menu, culture and style so that you get the chance to discover a different beverage experience around every corner. Find your favorite or crawl the Hall to enjoy them all!

But it isn’t just about quantity here, we also pride ourselves in quality.

Quality of Ingredients: Our entire beverage program runs on only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, handmade syrups, homemade bitters, and juices squeezed fresh. If we can’t squeeze it or make it ourselves, it won’t go in your cocktail.

Quality of Technique: There are over 100 different cocktail recipes taught to and then preformed by our Legacy Hall bartenders. Just like any skill, the key to creating a delicious and balanced cocktail every time is to perfect the technique and then repeat it over and over. Our bartenders work everyday to perfect their craft so that they can shake, stir and pour you your favorite drink.

Quality of People: It takes a village to run 9 bars, and every person counts and is counted on to keep it running smoothly. This is why we only hire or collaborate with people who have a specific care and passion toward the craft of bartending. We like the peace of mind of knowing that everyone who is working behind our bars or concepting our cocktail recipes is truly passionate about what they are doing. We hope you like it too!

So, what else does a serious beverage program need – a killer Happy Hour! Monday through Friday we promise to have the best specials around with:

Bar Main (1st floor) and Good View Bar (2nd floor)

Specials: 3, 4, 5, 6, ’til 7 PM Monday to Friday

$3 All Unlawful Assembly Beer

$4 Frozen Margarita

$5 Beer + House Wine + Frose

$6 Select Spirits

Bar Main – This is THE spot for an intimate date, where he or she can get it all. Classic craft cocktails, wines on tap and a large selection of draft beers, let our expert bartenders pour you your go-to beverage or discover something new– all you’ve got to do is charm your date.

Good View Bar – We like to think of this fun, flirty space as the ultimate “meet someone new” spot (or that playful first date go-to), with the best people watching around. Good View Bar offers the best vantage points to the Box Garden and The Hall. Everywhere you look there’s a good view.

For VIP Reserved Areas & Group Events Contact Us HERE

Détour Natural Wine Bar (1st floor)

Specials: 3 ’til 7 PM Monday to Friday

$4 House Wines

$2 off BTG wines

BONUS: One featured bottle each week is half price!

Détour has one of the best selections of natural, organic and classic wine offerings. Whether it’s from Italy, Argentina, France, California, Oregon…we hand-pick all our favorite vintages from across the country and the world! Grab your friends or a book and cozy up with your soon-to-be favorite glass of wine.

For VIP Reserved Areas & Group Events Contact Us at  HERE

Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. Taproom (3rd floor)

Specials: 3 ’til 7 PM Monday to Friday  

$3 Unlawful Assembly beers (no tricks, it’s that simple)

The taproom wraps around the working brewery, with views of The Hall and Box Garden. Bring your food up from downstairs (or grab noodles from Monkey King 3 in the taproom) and we’ll help you pair it with the perfect beer.

For VIP Reserved Areas & Group Events Contact Us at  HERE

Box Garden

Stillhouse Lounge

Unlawful Assembly Outpost

Lunazul Tequila Bar

Rotating Pop-Up Bars


We’ll See You at Happy Hour!


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