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Canvas People

Oct 30th

08:00pm - 09:30pm

Canvas People - hero

About the Band

The Canvas People infuse elements of modern indie rock and harmony-driven alt-rock. Reminiscent of contemporary acts such as Minus the Bear, Death Cab For Cutie, and My Morning Jacket, The Canvas People create an enchanting blend of 3 part harmonies and polished indie rock grooves.

Based out of Austin, TX, the 4-piece rock group’s newest release City Boy Slump (released November 2016) perfectly captures this young band’s ability to channel classic, vocal-based musical ideas, and mold them into captivating modern rock songs. Lead single, “Astronaut”, takes listeners on a journey through pulsating drum grooves and syncopated guitar riffs, while laid back chiller “Parking Lot” incites memories of the nostalgic indie rock era of the late 90s.

Lead singer, Kyle Taylor, commented on the group’s progression since their release of “Sirens” in 2014: “At its conception, The Canvas People was a deliberate effort to push our music into the experimental folk genre, but as we’ve progressed and as the new EP indicates, we’ve returned to our indie rock roots, with a greater emphasis on group composition and energetic rock performance.”

Joining Taylor is Wes Maxwell on lead guitar/backing vocals, Luke Williams on bass/backing vocals, and Pat Epley on drums. Williams and Maxwell’s harmonies coupled with Epley’s tasteful drumming provide the perfect back drop to lead singer Kyle Taylor’s superbly crafted songwriting.


Enjoy a Friday or Saturday night concert in style at Legacy Hall with your very own reserved area. Email for reservations and pricing. Reservations are for groups of 6 or more and all members must be 21+ years old. A minimum drink package purchase is required with the VIP Lounge.

Event Dates

Oct 30

Canvas People

Wed, October 30th 8:00pm

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