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Enter the Bao

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Baos: soft, puffy, warm, and slightly sweet. Best part is, it can be filled with anything your heart desires. That’s what Chef Roger Wang does at Enter the Bao. You’ll find this bad@$$ bao master mixing up unique, delicious bao creations that put a whole new spin on the traditional Chinese baos. Fillings include sweet, succulent pork belly to savory chicken sausage with just the right amount of ‘snap’ in each bite. Get ready to enter a bao-lution!

Chef Roger Wang of Enter the Bao
Chef Roger Wang of Enter the Bao

Meet Chef Roger Wang

Chef Roger Wang’s passion for food stems from his mother and grandmother. Food brought his family together, and he was amazed by the different foods his family cooked. Chef Roger will tell you that he went to cooking school on a dare, but we think it was destiny. He graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas in 2006, and since then his career has flourished. He has worked with establishments like the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T World Corporate Headquarters, and now finds his home now at Legacy Hall.



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