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There’s no monkey-ing around when it comes to how good the noodles and dumplings are from Monkey King 3, Chef Andrew’s newest outpost on the 3rd floor of Legacy Hall. This hidden gem is a spin-off from his famed Monkey King Noodle Co. in Deep Ellum, where Andrew brings legitimate Northern Chinese and Taiwanese street food in a made to order fashion, like the real night markets he enjoyed back home. Come on over, all monkeys are welcome!

Chef Andrew Chen of Monkey King Noodle Co.
Chef Andrew Chen of Monkey King Noodle Co.

Meet Chef Andrew Chen

A native Texan with childhood memories of Taiwanese street foods and authentic recipes in hand. Andrew Chen has pulled the noodles for Monkey King Noodle Co. to grow from the humble street-side stand to a prime takeout location with a line down the street. Andrew learned the traditional style of pulling noodles from “Willy,” a mentor, and noodle puller in New York. Before his transition to the kitchen, Chen managed the Times Ten Cellars in East Dallas, where he and his cousin decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Since then, honoring the style and tradition of northern Chinese food has been his focus.



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