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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year - hero

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè

Have A Happy New Year!

For the first time ever, Legacy Hall and Beijing Brothers present to you, Chinese New Year! This year brings positive energy and wealth for all, and we can’t wait to see all the success 2020 has yet to offer.

On Sunday, February 8 from 12pm-6:30pm, celebrate the start of a new decade with our first annual FREE Chinese New Year Celebration (or Lunar New Year, as you may hear it called). Legacy Hall will feature 10+ authentic Chinese cultural experiences, including extravagant dance performances, Chinese cuisine and food theater, a talented calligraphist, a live Chinese choir, a cultural fashion show and so much more. You won’t find this kind of authentic Chinese New Year experience anywhere else!

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The Schedule

Let The Show Begin

Hua Yun Orchestra: this traditional Chinese music group is a non-profit organization founded in 2013, with a mission to educate and inspire people to enjoy authentic, Chinese music. Hua Yun has developed into an ensemble that includes Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng, Ruan series, Bamboo flute, Sheng, Dulcimer, Liuqin, and other traditional Chinese instruments. They have successfully held an annual concert each year at University of Texas at Dallas since 2014 and will feature five melodious tunes during the festival!

JPS Dance- ACT I: founded in April 2000 by Director Ms. Jiaping Shi, this organization serves as one of the most prestigious and influential Chinese dance schools in the the DFW area. Students will perform 10 outstanding dance works including solo dances, trio dances, and small and large group dances in various classical, folk and contemporary styles.

Jasmine Dance: experience China’s rich cultural traditions with the Jasmines Chinese Dance Troupe, a group of experienced dancers who are drawn together by a passion for Chinese classical and folk dancing. Known as one of the most popular dance troupes in the DFW metroplex, the Jasmine Girls are ready to express their culture through dance.

Kung Fu Demonstration: explore the art of Kung Fu, taught by Johnny Kwong Ming Lee of Lee White’s Leopard Kung Fu School. Don’t miss a thrilling live demonstration of their often complex, and athletic skills.

Cheongsam Show is led by a group of local ladies wearing traditional beautiful Cheongsam dresses. This flashy fashion show will feature multiple colorful dresses accompanied by beautiful dance moves that will make you oooo and ahhh all evening long!

Calligraphist: Jing Yan is an amazingly talented artist and who has studied the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy since she was four years old. Her works have been featured in the National Gallery of China, the Chinese History Museum, the Chinese History Museum, the Chinese Military Museum, the Hong Kong City Hall, Australia, the United States, Russia, Paris, France and Singapore. She is passionate about Chinese culture and participates in American traditional Chinese cultural exchanges every year. Get ready to be amazed by her talent!

Authentic Chinese Cuisine & Food Theater: Watch Chef Willy of Beijing Brothers spin his hand-pulled noodles on stage while you enjoy a delicious dumpling pop-up. And don’t forget to show Beijing Brothers some love too! Try a variety of their authentic Chinese dishes–like the Dan Dan Noodles with chicken or pork, red pepper, ginger, and scallions…mmmm, so mouthwatering!


RSVP NOW and bring your friends on Sunday, February 8 from 12pm-6pm for a fun-filled Chinese New Year! This is a FREE event, therefore tickets will not be collected. Seating is first come, first served.

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