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March Mayhem Munchies

March Mayhem Munchies - hero

Buzzer Beater Bites

It wouldn’t be March Madness without the crazy snacks, and here at Legacy Hall, we’re the reigning champions of food! Sit back and enjoy the games and eat like a champion with our shareable snacks. 

Learn more about March Mayhem at Legacy Hall.

Have a big team? Go ahead and reserve a space with us HERE.

From nachos to fries, wings and more, we’ve got a little bit of everything to fuel your teammates for both halves. Stay hydrated with a beer bucket or pitcher while you enjoy the big game.

Here’s the ultimate game plan for our shareable snacks for March Mayhem:


Brisket Nachos

Where to Find Them: DRY RUB

Details: Loaded with chopped brisket, queso, avocado-ranch, queso fresca, pico de gallo, tortilla chips and cilantro; It’s a perfect plate for two teammates to share.

Slider Sleeve

Where to Find Them: Son of a Butcher 

Details: Butcher’s Dozen: Pick up to 4 slider flavors. Add on onion rings or waffle fries to keep your team full for the whole game.

Duck Fried Chicken Wings

Where to Find Them: Roots Chicken Shak

Details: Duck fat fried wings served with your choice of a trio of dunk-able sauces. You’ll be going ‘bwak’ for more!


Loaded Fries

Where to Find Them: Shawarma Bar

Details: Topped with olives, sumac onions, tabbouleh, feta, labneh harissa. Opa!

18" Pizza

Where to Find Them: The Italian Job

Details: Choose between New York style Cheese, Pepperoni & Truffle, or a Sicilian style Veggie or Meat Lovers pizza for the table. You can’t go wrong with these pies!

Garlic Lobster Fries

Where to Find Them: Dock Local

Details: Fries topped with bacon, garlic, cotija cheese, parsley, house sauce, and of course, lobster. Grab a plate or two to celebrate when your team scores!

Curly Fries

Where to Find Them: Blist’r Naan Wraps

Details: Fresh Curly Fries served with masala or vindaloo sauce to spice up your game day snacking.

Philly Fries

Where to Find Them: The Philly Special

Details: Crinkle fries loaded up with all-natural ribeye and onion and smothered with Whiz cheese.

Come for the game, stay for the food! 


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