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Super Bowl Nacho Extravaganza

Super Bowl Nacho Extravaganza - hero

Tackle the biggest game of the year one bite at a time

It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl Watch Party without the snacks, and here at Legacy Hall, we’re the reigning champions of food! Sit back and enjoy the big game with our Nacho Extravaganza of shareable items for your entire team to devour!

Have a big team? Go ahead and reserve a space with us HERE.

From nachos to fries, tostadas to tots, and more, we’ve got a little bit of everything to fuel your teammates from kickoff to the final countdown. Stay hydrated with a beer bucket or pitcher while you enjoy the big game.

Here’s the ultimate game plan for our Nacho Extravaganza on Super Bowl Sunday:


Brisket Nachos

Where to Find Them: Brisket Love

Details: Loaded with oak-fired brisket, queso fresco, avocado-ranch, pico de gallo, and cilantro. It’s a perfect plate for two teammates to share.

Chili Cheese Fries

Where to Find Them: Roots Chicken Shak

Details: Duck fat fries, beef chili, cheddar cheese, hot peppers, ranch and fresh herbs will make you go back for another plate!


Chips & Red Curry Coconut Queso

Where to Find Them: Velvet Taco

Details: Pickled onion, queso fresco, Thai basil, and blue tortilla chips.

Nacho Fries

Where to Find Them: Son of A Butcher

Details: Seasoned Wagyu beef, nacho cheese, ranch, queso fresco, waffle fries, and micro cilantro. Amen.

Spring Rolls

Where to Find Them: Chef Chin’s Hibachi Ramen

Details: Extra crunchy spring rolls with veggies or shrimp served with sweet and sour sauce.

Loaded Cheese Fries

Where to Find Them: Degenhardt’s Brat Haus [Floor 3]

Details: Savory fries loaded with your choice of beer brat or spicy wurst, Haus Beer cheese, caramelized onions, and cilantro. It’s worth the trip upstairs!

Garlic Lobster Fries

Where to Find Them: Dock Local

Details: Fries topped with bacon, garlic, cotija cheese, parsley, house sauce, and of course, lobster. Grab a plate or two to celebrate when your team scores!

Tuna Tostadas

Where to Find Them: Hōru Sushi

Details: Ahi tuna, red onion, tomato, cilantro, jalapeno, and truffle. Every day we’re trufflin’.

Chili Potatoes

Where to Find Them: Blist’r Naan Wraps

Details: Fresh potato wedges tossed in chili garlic sauce to spice up your game day snacking.

Loaded Fries

Where to Find Them: The Philly Special

Details: Crinkle fries loaded up with all-natural ribeye and onion. Smother it in chipotle mayo or ranch for a little extra umph.


Where to Find Them: Whisk & Eggs

Details: A warm side of crispy tots. Feed your little ones with these fan-favorites!

Lamb Loaded Fries

Where to Find Them: Shawarma Bar

Details: Lamb (or gyro or chicken) loaded fries topped with sumac onions, pickles, garlic aioli, tomato, labneh harissa, and feta. Opa!

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