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The Perfect Pairings

The Perfect Pairings - hero

Matches Made in Heaven

Degenhardt’s Brat Haus and Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. have teamed up to give you the perfect pairings! Located on the 3rd floor, Degenhardt’s Brat Haus serves authentic German brats with savory twists. Our Unlawful Assembly craft beers, with a Degenhardt brat, will transport you to Oktoberfest any day of the year.

Check out the perfect pairings and make a trip up to our 3rd floor for more!


You won’t get the quarantine blues with this first pairing. Munch on the sauteed egg noodle and a Haus-made brat with the Lockdown Light Lager from Unlawful Assembly.


Sometimes a hearty stew is exactly what you need to warm up. Slurp on this tasty stew in a bread bowl with Unlawful Assembly’s Black Sheep Nitro Oatmeal Stout next to you.

Jumbo Soft Pretzel

Transport yourself to the streets of Munich with a warm, Bavarian pretzel and Unlawful Assembly’s classic Peacemonger Pilsner in hand. You’ll want another pretzel and round by the time you’re done.

Beer Brat

The combination of hickory-smoked beef and pork sausage with a toasty amber lager will have you thinking about it for weeks, so grab a Beer Brat and enjoy The Antagonist from Unlawful Assembly.

Traditional German Brat

If you’re really craving a classic brat, chow down on the Traditional German Brat and wash it all down with Unlawful Assembly’s refreshing Deviant Behavior Wit.

Hot Italian Brat

Need a little spice in your life? Grab a spicy Italian Bratwurst with distinct fennel flavor and Unlawful Assembly’s Blind Justice IPA to cool off after.

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