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Happy Earth Day

  • Happy Earth Day

    From Our Garden to Yours

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You’re not likely to find too many hydroponic growtainers around!? And we have one!

Anyone who knows us, knows that we love using fresh, local ingredients in our food. So, we jumped at the opportunity to work with Margot Masinster, founder of Doodle Farms, to help us implement our very own Growtainer.

The growtainer is located in the Box Garden at Legacy Hall and it will be Doodle Farms first location and it’s flagship farm! Embedded in this new food mecca of North Texas, Doodle Farms will operate a hydroponic farm inside a refurbished shipping container. With the help of their friends at Growtainer, we were able to create a perfectly controlled growing environment to generate higher yields in a significantly shorter amount of time. Another plus, we will never use pesticides or synthetic chemicals – because we owe it to you and the environment.

At Legacy Hall, we emphasize chef relationships: our container farm is adjacent to the food hall’s 22 food stalls and 9 bars, and 14 of the finest restaurants and dining options at Legacy West. This lends us an incredibly unique opportunity to collaborate on menus and grow for the specific needs of our creative chefs.

From our garden to yours, happy Earth Day!


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