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National French Fry Day

  • Degenhardts Brat Haus Beer Fries

    National French Fry Day

    Where to Go On Fryday

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French fry connoisseurs rejoice!

This Fryday, July 13th is National French Fry Day. DYK we have 8 different stalls with their own unique twist on this fried favorite? If you ask around, each person has a favorite for one reason or another. Some fries have brisket or curry powder or chimichurri sauce — there are soo many unique options, you’re going to be in fry-heaven.

French fry connoisseurs

PLUS, we have BIG fryday news:

FRIDAY ONLY! Our friends at Enter the Bao are kicking it up a notch with Build Your Own fries! Create your own fry-masterpiece with Hawaiian pulled pork, Hickory pickled jalapenos, tangy sauce; or mix it up Hawaiian Pulled Chicken, Spicy & Sweet BBQ Sauce, Sweet Onion Salsa. The topping options are endless, and delicious. Trust us! Invent something new or ask Chef Roger for a recommendation. He’s happy to help.

Or crawl the Hall and try all of the fries Legacy Hall has to offer! We’ve compiled a list of ALL prime fry spots to satisfy your National French Fry Day needs:

Check Out Our List of Legacy Hall Fry-Favorites:

Enter the Bao:
Build Your Own Fries – Friday Only!
Ask Chef Roger for his topping recommendations.

K-Pop Brisket Fries
Hot & crispy seasoned furikake fries smothered with our savory kalbi braised brisket from the K-Pop bao, caramelized kimchi aioli, and topped off with fresh cilantro.

Sea Breeze:
French Fries
Traditional french fries.

Shawarma Bar:
Shawarma Fries
Hand-cut sumac fries with garlic aioli and creamy harissa

Degenhardt’s Brat Haus:
Seasoned Fries
Haus seasoned fries with a side of curry sauce for dipping

Beer Cheese Fries
Our seasoned fries topped with beer cheese, chives, and paprika

Blist’r Fresh Naan Wraps:
Crispy Fried Potato Wedges
Dusted in chaat masala, served with curry aioli

Bravazo Rotisserie:
Chimichurri Fries
Garlic, parsley, extra virgin olive oil.

Roots Chicken Shak:
Roots Fries
Duck-fat french fries.

Knife Burger:
Knife Fries
Traditional french fries.

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