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Chef Chin’s Hibachi Ramen

From a broth base that takes 24 hours to prepare, to miso soup made completely in-house, the fusion of bold flavors and fresh, high-quality ingredients make this Japanese cuisine anything BUT typical.

Hours of Operation
  • Sunday - Thursday 11AM - 9PM
  • Friday - Saturday 11AM - 11PM
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Chef - Chin Liang

Chin Liang

This will be the second concept for Chef Chin Liang who opened Hōru Sushi Kitchen at Legacy Hall in September 2019 to much success. Liang’s culinary beginnings were as a hibachi chef, before eventually transitioning to the world of ramen and ultimately landing a position as Executive Ramen Chef at Ajisen Ramen. While he trained to become a sushi chef, he maintained a respect for hibachi and ramen and his desire to serve top quality, fresh ingredients sourced from the best markets around the world is apparent in every dish he makes.

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